Security Systems

The need for top-notch security systems has never been as profound as in today’s times of chaos and disruptions. Business premises needs to be secured appropriately and sensitive business data needs to be protected. Also, most businesses need some form of surveillance systems in place to actively monitor employee activity in real time. At Businesszone, it gives us immense pride to make available world class security systems and solutions for businesses.

As one of the more prominent security systems companies in Muscat, our prime responsibility is to supply businesses with the kind of security systems that they need. The desire to constantly improve the quality of our products and services, combined with a strict commitment to customer satisfaction make us one of the leading security systems distributors in the Oman. The solutions that we provide are sure to benefit your business and make business processes smoother and more secure.

Our Services

At Businesszone, we are geared towards providing comprehensive security solutions for companies with different requirements. As one of the largest security systems dealers in Muscat, it is our motto to ensure that companies have the latest cutting edge technologies made available for their use. We believe that the best products only come from the most reputed brands, and our catalog contains carefully chosen products which reflect the latest innovations and progresses in technology.


If you have the need for security then we have the systems to fulfill the need. Our surveillance solutions are meant for use in different contexts and situations and we help businesses choose the products that best fit their needs. We have a range of CCV equipment available with us, which includes –

  • Simple CCTV cameras
  • Networked CCTV cameras for business use
  • CCTV cameras with special features like motion detection, audio detection and infra-red night vision
  • Monitoring equipment including monitoring consoles, camera controllers, video playback and recording controllers and rea;-time surveillance equipment
  • Audio and video feed recorders

As one of the main Matrix security systems dealers in the Oman, we provide the highest quality CCTV solutions which can be put to good use in any conceivable business setting. Our products are always sourced from reliable vendors and we provide exemplary installation services and maintenance.

Access Control

As one of the primary Auxin security systems distributors in Muscat, we have available with us a range of access control solutions which can you can use for your own particular needs. Our access control solutions can be configured as per your needs and there is room for features like RF ID cards, voice detection and biometric scanning. Our range of products and our superior installation services make us one of the leading security systems companies in the Oman.

Time Attendance

For easy attendance and time management, you can make use of our time attendance solutions. We provide you with an intuitive way to manage your attendance and collect employee timekeeping data. You can use these later for preparing project progress reports and calculating employee salaries. With our enhanced security solutions, you can ensure smooth functioning of your business, improve performance and reap rich rewards.