Door Access Control

Often there is a need to control access to a particular area, a part or whole of a building in commercial or residential premises. For every conceivable door access control need, we at Businesszone have the perfect solutions on offer. As one of the market leading door access control companies in Muscat, we are committed to providing the latest technologies in door access control systems in Muscat for all our customers. Our expertise pans modern day door access control products such as electric locks, magnetic locks, digital keypads, biometric authentication and digital cards based authentication. Our onus is always on delivering quality products and great services at superb price points. Our door access control solutions can be a perfect fit, no matter what your requirements are. 

Our Services

At Businesszone, we provide best in class door access control systems which give you solid performance and reliability while remaining cost effective. Our business ethics dictate that we source all our products only from the top brands of the world. This is to ensure the same level of quality and reliability for all our products which we pride ourselves on. Our goal as the leading door access control company in the Oman is to provide complete customer satisfaction and to provide tailor made solutions as per the needs of individual customers.

We provide comprehensive door access control systems for a variety of practical needs and purposes. Among these are –

  • Our standalone access control units are perfect for enterprise level requirements, government building and offices. Installation is a breeze and these units are extremely easy to use and maintain. These units can be used to allow or restrict entry to a particular area on the basis of relevant identification. Along with restricting entry, these units can also be used as an effective means to regulate and track attendance in business scenarios. As the leading Matrix door access control dealers in Muscat, we have in our catalog a number of different models of standalone access control units which can be used with smart RF identification cards.
  • Being one of the largest Auxin door access control distributors in the Oman, we also have a range of digital door access control systems. These systems take the functionality of our standalone line of units a few steps forward. Features like voice greeting, built-in storage to keep track of access records and biometric fingerprint scanners add to the usability and effectiveness of these units.
  • As one of the chief ZK door access control distributors in Muscat, we offer a number of extra features for our door access control solutions which you can use as per your requirements. These include automated sliding doors, keypad based access control, card based access control, biometric access control, turnstiles, retractable barriers, remote operated doors and managed parking solutions.

This versatile range of high performance products and solutions truly makes us one of the best door access control dealers in the Oman.