Audio Video Solutions

Both homes and corporate environments need efficient audio and video solutions for a variety of practical purposes and intents. Audio video solutions comprise of an entire range of different systems which can be used in the fields of security, surveillance, access control, communication and entertainment. There can be numerous applications of audio and video solutions at the domestic level, in offices and in public places. When you need specialized audio video solutions in Muscat, head to Businesszone. Our solutions have a single business objective – to provide quality audio video solutions in the Oman for all kinds of requirements while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Solutions

On a corporate level, there is a constant need for crisp and clear communication with geographically diverse stakeholders at all times. Businesszone provides state-of-the-art audio video systems that lets you communicate with clients, employees, vendors, management or peers with great impact.

Our carefully chosen range of quality products make us one of the leading audio video companies in Muscat. We stock and supply a range of different products in the field of audio and video which cover a range of different requirements and are sure to be of use if you need audio video solutions.  With our constant efforts for achieving better quality of products and service, we have carved out a niche for ourselves and are now considered one of the most trusted and reliable companies to do business with.

Our Products

We source our products from leading manufacturers through reliable vendors. All our products are carefully selected to adhere to a standard of quality which we set for ourselves. Our solutions include –

  1. Audio communication services such as PABX systems, IVR systems and voicemail meant mainly for business use. These can be used to facilitate easier communication and significantly brings down running costs by organizations.
  2. Video communication services like video calls, video conferencing and webinar management.
  3. VoIP solutions for businesses – an all in one solution for multiple channels of communication including voice calls, electronic fax, emails, video calls, video conferences and voice mail.
  4. Audio and video based access control systems including intercom systems, door buzzers, door phones and video enabled door phones for easier audio visual feedback while controlling access.
  5. A range of CCTV security cameras with features like motion capture, audio capture and night vision with the ability to monitor audio and video feeds in real time with monitors, and to store audio and video data for future reference.
  6. Recording equipment for camera and microphone feeds which allows you to store data from any audio or video feed.
  7. Public address systems and related equipment.
  8. Video projection equipment.

Our quality range of solutions easily makes us one of the best audio video companies in the Oman and our installation and maintenance services are built on exemplary standards. Do business with us, and you can be assured to find the right solutions for all your audio and video needs.