Access Control for Multi Location Offices

The basic objective of any Access Control solution is to protect organization assets and ensure human safety by controlling movement of people to pre-defined rules. 

Matrix COSEC is a comprehensive and flexible Access Control solution to meet any need of any organization irrespective of its size, layout, locations and timings. Matrix COSEC allows controlling access on three simultaneous dimensions – User, Zone and Time by answering the three fundamental questions on Who, Where and When. In addition, a range of value-added features like anti-pass back, 2-person rule, first-in user, blocked users, door auto relock, guard tour, man-trap and smart card based identification ensure foolproof security of physical assets and safety of manpower. 


Multi Floor Application

Picture below shows COSEC access control application for a large, multi-floor organization. Different biometric and card based door controllers are shown at various divisions of the organization. COSEC server controls and monitors the entire application. 

multi location access

Key Features
  • Configure and Manage System Locally or Remotely
  • Define Access Rules on the Basis of Time, Zone and User
  • Provides Higher Security with 2-Person Rule and First-In User Rule
  • Ensures the Presence of Security Guard with Guard Tour
  • Controlling the Traffic through Man-Trap
  • Complete Access History Log
  • Monitor Status of all Devices from a Central Place
  • Generate an Alarm on any Tamper Detection
Key Benefits
  • Higher Security for Organization and Employees
  • Protects Enterprise Assets and Data
  • Restricts Unauthorized Access
  • Reduce Cost of Security Personnel
  • Eliminates Key and Locks
  • Easy Controlling of Remote Sites